Erfgoed Leiden en omstreken


Rapenburg around 1700 in VR

Herigage Leiden has produced Virtual Reality reconstructions of Rembrandt's birthplace and the Rapenburg around 1700, based on research of the actual buildings, visual material like old prints and pas and archival information. Every brick, pantile, window frame and door has been drawn in great detail to give as realistic and historically accurate a picture as possible. 

You can see the Rapenburg in 3D: the old observatory, the original gate to the Academy from 1623 and the revolutionary architecture by Roman. Just click on one of the panorama images. If you want to use VR glasses, follow the instructions below. 



Step 1: click on the picture and open the YouTube app
  Step 2: put quality on 1080p and wait 20 seconds


Step 3: put in Cardboard mode
  Step 4: place your mobile in the VR glasses
Step 5: take a 360° look around you

360° Panorama - the Rapenburg anno 1700 (1/2)


360° Panorama - the Rapenburg anno 1700 (2/2)


Curious to see what the Academy looks like on the inside nowadays? Go further...

The 'sweating room'


The garden room of Rapenburg 71


The office of the beadle


Period room Rapenburg 71


Period room Rapenburg 71


Period room Rapenburg 69


Spiral staircase from 1618 in the Academy


De Rectorenkamer in het academiegebouw


The Gown Room in the Academy


Main Auditorium of the Academy